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Foundry Casting Capacity

Casting furnace

5T x2sets intermediate frequency furnaces
Max casting weight for single part : 11,000.00 Kgs
Blowing argon in the smelting furnace and ladle to reduce the harmful gas content in molten steel and improve the purity of molten steel which ensures castings quality.
Smelting furnaces equipped with feeding system, which can real-time monitoring the parameters during process include chemical composition, melting temperature, casting temperature …etc.

Auxiliary materials for casting

FOSECO Casting material(china) co.,ltd is our strategic partner . we use FOSECO coating Fenotec hardener , resin and riser .

Advanced alkaline phenolic resin sand production line which not only improve the surface quality of casting and ensure the accuracy of the size of the castings but also it is environmental-friendly and energy -saving upper 90% .



Auxiliary equipment for casting process

30T Mixer equipment x3 sets , 20T Mixer equipment x2 sets . Each Mixer equipment is equipped with a compaction system and a DUOMIX system from Germany , which is able to adjust the amount of resin and curing agent according to different room temperature and sand 

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